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DYNAMIC | pH Neutral Snow Foam

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DYNAMIC – Our Dynamic pH Neutral Snow Foam is an essential aspect of the cleaning process as it loosens and removes grime safely, helping the process of eliminating road contaminants that may be transferred around the vehicle during the contact wash. It also reduces the risk of any scratches and swirl marks. Our cherry infused snow foam will not breakdown any protection previously applied such as ceramic coatings, waxes or sealants whilst still having a high cleaning power. Suitable for regular use. We recommend this product to be used in a snow foam lance.

For maximum results, we recommend this product to be used in conjunction with Rapid10 as a pre-wash, foam the vehicle with Dynamic, followed by a contact wash with Pure and then finally finish off with ProSeal.

1:10 – Heavy cleaning
1:20 – Maintenance cleaning

How to use

  1. SHAKE bottle before use.
  2. FOAM the entire vehicle and leave to dwell for 5 minutes.
  3. PRESSURE wash the foam from the vehicle thoroughly.
  4. ENJOY the results.